Features focused on your needs



Spread the word using your other social media channels and create awareness and broading your marketing activities with low or no cost.



Introducing advertising in your app. Target the audience and reach your app users with different banners in various spaces in your app. Mikz platform allows you to get started in four easy steps.

  1. Customize ads or use ad ready to go scripts
  2. Choose your budget in partnership or manually
  3. Pick where the ads will be placed
  4. Launch ads and measure the success


All users can share content from the app and all content is easly marketed with an unique url. Market any content in your social media channels or add to any other digital advertisement such as banners and QR codes.


Push notification

Keep users up to date with relevant information. Set predetermined settings or let users decide them selves how often they should get push notifications. Sliding the push notification will open the app and show the content.


Author tool

Use our Author tool both on handheld devices or on your laptop to create simple posts with content. Save it in draft mode or publish live within minutes. Push users to increase the traffic to each post.


Publishing Tool

You control the content in your app. Build your team and define different user roles and permissions.


  • Personal and company accounts
  • Channels and sub channels
  • Agreements for content and advertisement
  • Dashboard for statistics
  • Coupons, stampcards, vouchers, polls, quiz, forms
  • Support for RSS feeds
  • In-app advertisement settings
  • and much moreā€¦

Mobile Growth

Mikz integrates with your website or blog, popular social media platforms, eCommerce and more!