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Old rules don’t apply anymore

Newspapers have long been the natural place for advertising. But times are changing and the focus is on mobile technology now more than ever. An average user checks their smartphone 150–300 times each day, and no other form of media has users that are this engaged.

At the same time, the mobile phone is among the most personal things we own. This means that the challenge of mobile marketing is to communicate with the consumers on their terms – without being intrusive. Mikz is the solution to this.

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Imagine a target group that likes you

Mikz is a common media service for celebrities, bloggers, and media companies where everyone works together to create traffic. In this environment we offer businesses and organizations a place to communicate with target groups who welcome their messages – just like with a proprietary app. This is a perfect way to reach customers, members, and fans.

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Your own app in the cloud

Proprietary apps are a great way to build long-term customer relationships, but they require significant resources to develop, maintain, and market. In addition, few companies and organizations are independently able to drive enough traffic to their apps to make such efforts worthwhile.

Today’s cloud-based services are growing like never before. Mikz is a cloud service where we offer companies the opportunity to have their own channel that gives them the advantages of having a proprietary app – without the downsides. There are no costs for development and marketing, and the users are already here and everyone cooperates to recruit new ones. This can be compared to having a store in a shopping mall where it is usually easier to attract customers than as an independent store in the city.

Mikz is the smart alternative to having a proprietary app – it combines all the advantages of cloud services with the shopping-mall concept. The traffic is already here, it’s easy to get started, and you don’t need to make any costly investments.

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Extend and augment your current marketing

You automatically get QR codes, web links, and SMS short codes to your channel on Mikz and to all of the campaigns that you create. By adding these to your marketing, packaging, receipts, and other media, customers and fans can receive offers, compete, vote, or download stamp cards and coupons instantly. You increase your ability to catch their interest.

With Mikz, your existing marketing channels become a way to generate new leads and increase sales. You get an efficient CRM tool with an exclusive customer database, and you can address your users based on their previous behavior on your channel.

We also have a fair business model – you never have to pay for users that you recruit to Mikz yourself.

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A comprehensive mobile strategy

With Mikz, all of the development costs are shared, and thus we can offer state of the art features to engage consumers and build loyalty – tools that would have been difficult to justify economically on your own.

Push notifications, geo-fencing, maps, coupons, loyalty cards, quizzes, polls, contact forms, and your own exclusive customer database are just some examples of the tools and resources included with Mikz.

With Mikz you get a comprehensive mobile strategy – from click to purchase, digital distribution, and CRM.

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