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Make money on mobile traffic

Geographic boundaries are disappearing and advertising prices are pressured constantly. Traffic from social networks to news sites is currently increasing faster than the traffic within the media companies’ own apps, and we believe that the world’s media companies must collaborate in order to profit from mobile media. They need a new advertising model that helps advertisers build long-term relationships with customers and members – and a model that helps them find new ones. They need a model that takes advantage of the mobile phone’s full potential and creates greater value than traditional banner ads.

We offer media companies, sales companies, bloggers, and celebrities the opportunity to share the revenues generated by smart collaboration on a joint publishing platform.

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We welcome partners

You provide the relationships with consumers, brands, or fans. We provide the technical solutions, operations, and support.

Through our x/x/x partnership model, there is always room for all parties to make money. For you as a sales partner, this means that you get x percent of the revenues that are generated from the companies that you bring into Mikz.

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We welcome new users

We keep track of all downloads. The more users you as a partner contribute with, the more money you earn. You get x percent of the revenues generated for Mikz from the users you recruit. If you both sell and recruit new users to Mikz, you can earn up to x percent of the revenues in your market.

As a partner with Mikz, you always own your own channel and all of its content, and you can choose to apply your own business model to your channel.

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The platform on which you monetize on mobile

Now is your chance to be a part of a new business model on the mobile platform. The model is based on a win-win-win system for partners, businesses, and consumers.

With Mikz, celebrities, bloggers, news sites, brands, and organizations get a common platform to drive traffic and earn money – while at the same time the consumers can easily create their own personal media service.

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